Money Ain't Ah Thang

"Money Ain't Ah Thang"
Title 18, Section 333
This is just the snip of it. full series will be on my cargo soon
This was shot for a new zine by noël kristi wells
Coming out soon!

series i put together for the Circus Gold's Neighborhood Watch.
Show was held at the Live Animal Gallery off Kent st.

Coney Island of Dreamers

Currently looking for this book:
Waiting for Godot By Samuel Beckett 


...i love




Holy Ghost Zine

holy ghost zine

Armadillo Cam - Armadillo Running and Sniffing Small Shrub

Wtffff! i want a camera strapped to my head. 
maybe thats how i can see other perspective. 
or ill just dedicate a month of photos like this..


this is what i showed in F-Stop II at The Art Authority this Thursday.