making bad decision left and right



Dennis Coffey trio- Hair and Thangs
The Rats (aka: The Desperate Edge)-Self title


i cant wait to watch this, sleep to it, eat to it and piss to it. It'll be GOOD.

born in the wrong decade.


Im in love. i have a problem reeling back the film when the roll is done, as soon as i reel back three shots or so, the film tears out of the roll. anyone have the same experience?

Im looking forward to dropping off about two bones worth of film processing. Over twenty rolls still slowing adding up.

this week i realize sometime things are just not meant to be, no matter if it feels right, even your guts needs some sort of moral reasoning.

I had to trace the clouds with the dark side
looking in I couldn't play the lie, it's just the
way it's been I never wanted to clear the pages in
my life I just came across to try it one more time
I wanna live these times with you



  1. doood i love dead moon!!! i have only gotten to hear a handful of songs though. : [ you should burn me somethin!

  2. omg i downloaded that dennis coffey record the day after i left yr place the night you were playing it and it is SO FUCKING GOOD

    also, great ladder pic, can't quite tell who it is

  3. Sam-

    i will def' make you a special pack. lolz

    alex- dennis coffey is sooo fuck goood. we needa blunt to it.

  4. i like the ladder pic a lot too!


  5. via.yessica took this photography

    i love it!