the death of rhinos.

The rhinoceros, with its huge, bare-skinned body and unicorn-like horn,
very much looks the part of a prehistoric beast. Rhinos weren't around
when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, but they are ancient creatures and 
they're facing extinction in our lifetime. 

If you go back millions of years ago, there used to be a huge number of 
different types of rhino and the five that we're left with today are really 
the last survivors of what appears to be almost a prehistoric looking animal. 

Rhino horn is used, particularly in the Far East, for medicinal purposes.
Now in the West, it's always been assumed that the main purpose of rhino 
horn is as an aphrodisiac, but in fact this is really a myth. Rhino horn in the 
Far East is used for a whole host of medicinal reasons, but mainly as a fever 
reducing agent. Rhino horn on the retail market, is worth more, ounce for
ounce, than gold itself. So the incentives to kill these animals are huge, and as
a result of that, we've brought this magnificent species almost to the brink of 

i accidentally double expose this roll of film, from F-Stop Show. Dang i was bummed but o-well some good came out of it.

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