Let's Talk Type! 77'

Mark Simonson is this newspaper’s production manager and typologist.
[bottom caption of newsprint]

It appeared in the April 19, 1977, issue of Metropolis, the Weekly Newspaper of Minneapolis. Metropolis unfortunately folded about six months later. 

"As its production manager, I didn’t get much chance to write, but this was one exception. After four months there, I had a reputation as someone who knew something about type. Metropolis had a page in the back called “Final Draft.” It was a page where anything might appear, from short stories to comics to photo essays. I can’t remember anymore if the editor, Scott Kaufer, asked me to write something or if I suggested it myself. Some of it makes me cringe to read again. Some of it is not quite correct. There are things in it that I wouldn’t necessarily agree with anymore, and I am surprised at how jaded I sound. Keep in mind, though, that I was only 21 years old when I wrote it, and, as everyone knows, a 21-year-old knows all there is to know."  -Mark Simonson



  1. Oh thats Great too, I really will start to visite ur Blog every week :)

    great stuff all the time on Ur Blog

  2. It was one of my favorite FDs ever, Mark. What are you up to these days?

    Scott Kaufer

  3. soul mate: thank you! congrats on getting published!

    SK: im making a type specimen book for school, staying busy.