less excitment

I just recently purchase this type pamphlet. Alphabet an Exhibition of hand-drawn lettering & experimental typography. Its currently a traveling exhibit and is  at Domy right now. Stop by if your in the austin area. 

This was free at Domy The California Solitary Times, created by Geoff McFetridge and Yong-ki Chan. The logo for this newspaper is so cute. i wanna stick it on your car or something. it has a sick pull out poster as well!
sneak peak here

Also got this documentary on the punk scene in the 80's, The Decline of Western Civilization directed by Penelope Spheeris. I wanna see part II and III, III is the pink scene in the 90's. Its pretty funny watching people behave and think in the 80's. Interviews with The Bags, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Catholic Discipline, Fear, The Germs, X. My favorite parts are the black and white room interviews with the punk teens and why couldn't there be and a hippe/punk rocker?

can I please stop meeting douche bags everyday. Go fuck your sister or something. Everyone is boring including me. The world has become less inspiring the more years go by. please flush the remaining evidences of this fucking lame existence.


  1. i feel ya girl,
    those mags look rad though...
    we gotta think of something to do until we leave to NYC

  2. YEAH !!! man i wannna do something! film it, shoot it, draw it, all of it!